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Enjoy more than 20 flavors of filled dumplings

Fast, filling and diverse food in the heart of Prague city center.

Our dumplings

Sweet or savoury? It's up to you! We serve about 20 kinds of traditional (and also special) dumplings made of potato dough and variety of fillings. We also offer selection of dips . Also quench your thirst with home lemonades or worldwide famous czech beer.


Apple and cream

Raspberry and white chocolate

Dumplings to the four corners of the world

Well, for courners of the Prague, to be more specific. Don't hesitate to order dumplings from Knedlín via the most popular delivery services. Therefor you will enjoy your meal at work, at home or wherever you want to.

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Our story

Dumplings are one of the most worldwide famous dish. In China they eat jiaozi with meat. In Caribiean states dumplings are filled with seafood leftovers. You must have heard about germknodel, pierogi , vareniki...

And even Czechia has their own dumplings - knedlíky. We serve them filled in potato dough, in huge variety of flavors. We have adapted traditional dumplings into fresh, fast and filling food.

We are pretty sure you will (kned)love them!

70 places to sit

70 places to sit

are ready for your dumpling feast

25 flavours

25 flavours

you can enjoy

2 minutes

2 minutes

it takes to get your dumpling ready

No. 1 place

No. 1 place

to visit in Prague